Accessible kitchens by Kuchenworld enable you to plan and create your own accessible German kitchen, helping you to maintain or regain your independence within your home.

Your kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food and cook and a well thought out plan will help to save you time and effort. At Kuchenworld, we consider more than just kitchen aesthetics, we consider kitchen functionality and what your kitchen needs to meets your specific needs. 

Our kitchen base units are available in a variety of different heights which means that they can be used to create kitchen work spaces with different heights, a lower base units are used when our clients request a lowered work top area, this can be for many reasons but is particularly relevant for persons with mobility issues who may require wheelchair assistance. In addition, our taller units create a higher work space area and this can assist taller clients or clients with back pain issues. We design accessible German kitchen with you as our focus, we take into consideration how far can you reach up, down and across, ensuring the work surfaces and storage areas are accessible when we design your accessible kitchen.

Kitchen storage accessibility can be an issue with some standard flat pack kitchens. At Kuchenworld, we treat each and every customer as an individual, your kitchen is as unique and individual as you are. We offer a wide range of kitchen cabinet carcass frames so that you can plan your kitchen with easy access to storage, wall units located at a working height accessible for you.

With a Kuchenworld German kitchen, we are with you each and every step of the way from the inception stage planning stage of creating accessible kitchens, through to installation and creation of your accessible German kitchen. At Kuchenworld, we manage each stage of the process for you and we even take care of the delivery of your new kitchen for you.

At Kuchenworld, we believe the kitchen is very often the heart of the home and we are passionate about creating accessible kitchens that are highly functional and look good. When space is limited, we help you to maximise your kitchen space with inventive and creative storage solutions that are easy and convenient to use, with useful features such as integral ironing boards, tall units for cleaning equipment storage.

If you’re looking for an accessible kitchen, you want a kitchen that is designed with you at it’s heart, an accessible kitchen designed by Kuchenworld. Contact the helpful team at Kuchenworld and regain the heart of your home, your kitchen with Kuchenworld German kitchens.